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  1. “To my ladies;
    You sure know how to work that”

    WORK IT! seeks to illuminate feminine labour within the context of artistic and creative communities.

    WORK IT! will explicitly explore the role of female labour as an artist and creative individual and thinking through the role of the “day job”.

    WORK IT! is about the inevitable links between gendered performance and the performance embodied in making and doing work. How does female labour automatically relate our bodies to the beauty and fashion industries, the relationship between gender commodification and the performance of gender specific work?

    By producing a merchandised shop within a gallery space, artworks will function as commodified objects, strategically displayed as if for sale, replicating displays of jewelry and clothing. This gallery/shop will mimic a nail salon or beauty parlor, with YB Collective performing their roles as shop girls. Including new collage, digital video work and sculpture produced by YB Collective members, this multi-disciplinary beauty shop hints at the necessity to commercialise not only the work we make but also our bodies and identities as a consumable package.


    The subject of this video piece is a fictional academy which aims to elevate ASMR to an artform. At the academy, beauticians are taught the very best in Auditory Sensory Meridian Response, allowing them to perform treatments including role-plays, sensory massages and more specific experiences to suit the needs of the client. This film explores the online subculture of ASMR, the artist performing as several established ASMRists who have an online following of hundreds of thousands.