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  1. Exhibition with online platform Skelf

    With accompanying text by Poppy cc-ed

    In 1973 Cleve Baxter undertook Polygraph tests to experiment on Plant Stimuli.

    Authorities were unable to accept that emotional plants “might originate in a supra material world of cosmic beings which, as fairies, elves, gnomes, sylphs, and a host of other creatures, were a matter of direct vision and experience to clairvoyants among the Celts and other sensitives.”

    In 1979 the study was made into a book, which was made into a film, which had an accompanying soundtrack.

    Same Old Story

    On we go to where who knows
    To a place where there's still non-believers
    What will it take for heaven sakes
    For those who find what's real too hard to believe in
    It's that same old story again.

    Mary MayB 1 Year Ago

    Y'all people,this man knew this was going to happen decades ago...tell me this song saw the immediate future!!! Song used scare the mess out me. Not only a precursor to techno music, but look everywhere...this track was the truth. Wake up!!!!!!

    In 1992 the Fern Gully soundtrack lyrics personified the living ecosystem of an endangered rainforest.

    Raining Like Magic

    The forest is breathing
    Ferns are rejoicing
    MrGabeanator 2 months ago
    The mystic isles brought me here…

    He left us “the” seed in order that we fertilise her

    At night after reading, I often fall asleep with my laptop running on the pillow beside me.

    YouTube loves to autoplay Plantasia by Mort Garson for me.

    Luna 10 months ago

    I’m growing roots I started growing roots after listening to this 3 years ago. (They haven’t stopped growing yet!)

    The sounds designed to nurture and stimulate plant stimuli seem to have had a similar effect on human listeners.

    An effect that the digital distribution of the sound seems to have facilitated.

    Maybe one day I’ll wake up restrained by tangles of vines and cables.

    Sweating in the undergrowth of a thicket created by the plants in my room.

    The dim glow of the screen will vibrate with the pulse of the jungle around me.

    Leaves are antennae that span beyond our galaxy.

    I’m not sure if I’ve slept.

    Hello flower
    Boy, do you look juicy
    And you know just what I’m coming to get, right

    Don’t eat me
    Please don’t eat me
    I’m trapped in your love
    Save me, don’t hurt me

    Poppy cc-ed, 2017